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Ceramides – Everything You Need To Know!

If you find your skin desert-dry no matter what luxurious and expensive products you throw at it, or your oily skin is always behaving badly, it could be due to a lack of one ingredient: Ceramides.

It might sound like a new ingredient on the block but, it’s one of the most effective and widely used to calm various skin conditions. We should all start learning about ceramides because without them skin could be struggling and thus, acting out.

What Are Ceramides?

In case you are wondering about not having ceramides in your skincare regime then, don’t stress because your skin already has them.

Like collagen, our skin produces ceramide levels which deplete over time. They are the lipids found naturally in high concentrations in the top layers of the skin and makeup almost 50% of the skin’s composition. Ceramides help in protecting the skin against harmful pollutants and effectively bond the skin cells to create a barrier that plumps the skin texture and locks in the moisture. 

A damaged skin barrier can lead to inflammation, dryness, redness, acne, so it is essential to include ceramide in your skincare routine.

Benefits of Ceramides in Skincare

Not only will they strengthen the skin barrier, one of the positives is, that it acts as an amazing anti-aging agent. Ceramides form a protective layer against sun damage, irritants, and other environmental factors. It also effectively holds the moisture to keep the skin texture hydrated. 

Ceramides are especially beneficial to those who are suffering from certain conditions such as eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, dryness, or someone suffering from a compromised protective layer will experience a significant difference by incorporating ceramides into your daily regime.

How Can We Prevent Our Skin from Losing Ceramides?

Unfortunately, as we age, our natural skin ceramide levels deplete. By the time we enter our thirties, we have lost about 40% of our skin’s ceramides. With this loss, we experience thinning of the skin texture and a loss of elasticity.  This in turn exhibits the appearance of fine lines around eyes and cheeks. Don’t fret, there is hope. We have several clean, non-toxic skincare products that are formulated to restore your skin barrier and revive ceramide levels to keep your skin hydrated and glowing. Here you go!

  1.     Dot & Key Night Reset, Retinol & Ceramide Sleep Treatment Cream

This night cream is enriched with the power of retinol and ceramides to reboot your skin to its healthy state. It effectively targets wrinkles, fine lines, and stubborn pigmentation.

  1.     Neemli Naturals Hyaluronic & Ceramide Face Wash

This sulphate-free Hyaluronic & Ceramide Face Wash is formulated especially for sensitive skin, helping it stay hydrated all day long while forming a protective barrier to guard against environmental aggressors and locking in moisture. 

  1.     Daughter Earth Ceramide Probiotic Under Eye Serum

It is a super-charged microemulsion probiotic eye serum with clinically-proven smart nutrients and probiotic actives to work on under-eye bags and dark circles.

  1.     Paul Penders Ceramide Recovery for All Skin Types

A natural skin rescue treatment with a fusion of fine herbs infused in botanical oils. It combines the potency of Vitamins A, C, and E to provide antioxidant support against free radical damage.


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