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Best Hair Care Products for Curly Hair | Vanity Wagon

Best Hair Care Products for Curly Hair

If you are a member of the curly hair community, there are very high chances that growing up you have heard the terms “maggie” or “junglee” in reference to your hair more often than not. Back then, it was normalized to call beautiful curls unnatural and unruly. But with time, awareness, and inclusivity, it has helped us come to positive terms with them.

Although with time, acceptance for curly hair is increasing, yet the awareness about the same is somewhat lagging. The market mostly caters to hair based on various concerns and not for maintenance of the naturality and texture of your hair hence a thorough and effective hair care range for curly hair is somewhat missing. And to bridge that gap, we bring you a range of products that will leave your curls elated, thick, and the curliest. 

The best hair care products for curly hair that truly work might be a little difficult to find as the needs and requirements of curly hair are strikingly different from that of straight or slightly wavy hair. Curly or coily hair needs more moisture, hydration, and protection as compared to any other hair type so as to keep the curls naturally tangle-free and curly. With our vast range of hair products for curly hair, we bring you all things clean and all things natural, so that your natural curls are super thick and shining all day, every day. 

Arata Advanced Curl Care Hair Oil with Seaweed & Abyssinian Seed

Oiling is an essential part of keeping any sort of hair healthy but especially curly hair as curly hair is naturally dry. The natural oils from the scalp do not reach the shaft of the hair all the way because of the structure of the hair. Advanced Curl Care Hair Oil, is a plant-powered intensive hair oil that is a potent pre-poo (pre-shampoo) that guarantees you have a head full of bouncy curls. It is also enriched with luxurious natural ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, and onion extract to moisturize your hair cuticles, treat dryness, fight frizz, and strengthen your roots, leaving you with lustrous, strong curls.

Earth Rhythm Volumnize Rice Curl Complex

As mentioned above, moisturizing is the key to happy & content curls, and adding a boost of tomato and rice enzymes with this Volumizing Rice Curl Complex is the way to go on about it. One can skip the hair oil and use this instead as pre-poo to deeply moisturize and prepare your hair for a wash. Or even use it as a booster by adding a pump or two (depending on your hair length and density), to your conditioner. This magical formula helps you not only keep your curls hydrated but also maintain your natural curls and texture. 

True Frog Shampoo For Curls with Flax Seed & Beetroot Extract

Product build-up is probably the most damaging thing that truly messes up the intense thick curls. What you need to combat that is a shampoo that gently exfoliates your scalp and cares for your curls. Enriched with Flax Seed & Beetroot Extract, this shampoo helps lock in moisture, provides curl definition, and also keeps your hair frizz-free. It is a must-have in your day-to-day routine to keep your curls ever ready. 

Fix My Curls Hydrating Deep Conditioner

A good conditioner makes up for half of your work for keeping your curls wildly tamed. Fix My Curls Hydrating Deep Conditioner stands by its name and fixes your curl care routine with simplicity and effectiveness. This conditioner is free of any nasties like paraben and sulfates which makes it worth your curls. Use it for quick conditioning or take your time with your curls and leave it in for 20 minutes with a heat cap for a spa day at home. With the help of natural oils, this conditioner ensures that your curls are bouncy, shiny, and deeply hydrated. 

Fix My Curls Moisture Melt Deep Conditioning Hair Mask With Maracuja, Banana & Shea Butter

For hair that needs to be saved from forcefully straightening, this Moisture Melt Deep Conditioning Hair Mask is a must! With eight miraculous oils, shea butter, vitamins, and a tonne of fruity goodness, its entire mission is to save your curls. Use this luxurious mixture once a week on freshly shampooed hair that is damp/slightly wet. Rake in 2 coin-sized amounts of the deep conditioner from your root to your ends and use your finger to detangle, or use a wide-tooth comb to spread the product evenly. Leave it in for 10-20 minutes with a shower cap then rinse out thoroughly for a set of hair that is rehydrated and revitalized.

Ashba Botanics Curl Defining Gel with Rosemary & Chamomile

Curly hair is always thirsty for some moisture and hydration. This Curl Defining Gel with Rosemary & Chamomile provides it all for long-lasting, natural-looking curls. A perfect blend of Amino Acids and Hydrolyzed Jojoba (emollient), it smoothes and seals hair cuticles. Control frizz protects against damage. This super gel does not leave any sticky after effects and is lightweight. After your conditioner, apply evenly to damp hair for the ideal balance of hydration and hold. Apply all the hair, part by section. After finishing, scrunch hair to highlight curls. Diffuse the air or wait for it to dry. When drying hair, avoid touching it to reduce frizz. Shake curls at the roots after they are entirely dried. Once again gently scrunch upward to loosen the gel cast.

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