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6 Most-Loved Products at Vanity Wagon

Since the last 4 to 5 years, clean beauty has emerged in India and how! The understanding of clean beauty by the brands and the consumers has risen exponentially. If you have been aware of the terms such as non-toxic, cruelty-free, organic and toxin free beauty products, you might as well know that Vanity wagon has been synonymous with the aforementioned terms plus the beauty brands that are on the same lines. Two such brands which are the epitome of organic beauty are The Tribe Concepts and Suganda.

The Tribe Concepts

We believe in quality, and that is indubitably what The Tribe Concepts provides. Indulge in nature’s treasure trove of a thoroughly all natural range inspired by the ancient science of healing- Ayurveda. A brand that finds its roots in the Godavari Belt of India, every single ingredient that goes into the products finds its source in a pollution-free environment. Each and every ingredient is sustainably sourced from tribal valleys of India where the soil is untampered with, and the air is as pure as it gets. The Tribe Concepts focusses on purity as their main precedence and that is why it is, hands down, one of our (and yours) favorite clean beauty brands. Below are a few products which are our top picks and you will regret not having them in your vanity-

1. The Tribe Concepts 90 Day Miracle Hair Oil

As the name says, it actually does wonders to your hair. We are listing down a few miracles of this hair oil, and if you do not believe us, well then, you ought to try!

-For Extensive Hair Growth.
-Nourishes Chemically Treated Hair.
-Deeply Conditions Hair.
-Prevents Hair Loss.
-Boosts Volume and Improves Hair Texture.
-Coats Hair with an Even Layer of Protein.
-Naturally Restores Hair Colour.
-Prevents Hair Breakage.
-Eliminates Flaking.

2. The Tribe Concepts 24k Kumkumadi Thailam Face Oil

You might be wondering, what's the hype about Kumkumadi Thailam Oil? Well, The Tribe Concepts 24k Kumkumadi Thailam Face Oil is legit a magic elixir with an ayurvedic recipe for skin brightening and even-toned radiant glowing skin which makes your skin look and feel healthy.

3. The Tribe Concepts Face Brightening Daily Cleanser

Made with 12 organic tribal forest sourced ingredients which are amazing for skin care, this cleanser helps in skin brightening, getting an even tone, for spot reduction, tan removal, blackhead removal and imparts a young, vivacious and clear skin. Plus this one is our exclusive founder’s pick… do we need to say more?


Suganda cares for you, hence they use the best ingredients! And wouldn't you like to use something which is the best for your skin? Every skin type is unique and generic, which is why they take a deep dive into everything skin science, understand the needs of individual skin types and formulate products that actually solve your skin problems. So get ready to turn the concept of happy, healthy skin into your reality and experience your dream skin come to life with Suganda. A few of our top picks from the brand which if you don’t have in your routine, you’ll be missing out on a lot!

1. Suganda Centella Green Tea Face Wash

We have already talked about the benefits of green tea and what miracles it does to your skin in our previous blog. Therefore, this one is a no-brainer right here and you shouldn't be really wasting time on this and add it into your carts right away!

2. Suganda Antioxidant Serum

Shields skin from environmental stressors, this serum helps brighten your overall complexion while boosting collagen production and makes your skin look younger and healthier!

3. Suganda White Lotus Moisturizer

Another favorite from the brand Suganda has to be the white lotus moisturizer, as it is light-weight, fast absorbing, calming and hydrating on your skin. Niacinamide reduces acne, fine lines, and pigmentation  and hyaluronic acid provides hydration.

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Yuvika - March 8, 2022


Yuvika - March 8, 2022

Hair oil

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Tribe concept

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