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5 Ways To Shake Up Your Winter Skin Regime For Oily Skin – Must Try!

As the temperature drops, it is not just more moisturizer that you need – a few tweaks to your complete skincare routine will keep your skin protected and prepared for the sweltering season. From moving to the right cleanser, to the latest must-have ingredients for skin exfoliators, this guide is for all our oily skin beauties.

Winters and oily skin are BFFs! Oily skin can be less oily during the season, but that does not stop the skin texture from producing oil. Let’s take you back to the basics of your skin science, your skin gets oily when the sebaceous glands produce excess oil, and no winters can stop the glands to stop producing the oil. The skin gets more prone to acne and breakouts, and pores get clogged with oil, dirt, and grime.

Don’t lose your hope, all you need to restrict your oily skin from clogging are a few skincare adjustments. So, here’s our edit of all the must-haves you need to add to your cart right away.



Bid goodbye to your oily skin blues with our ENN ‘No More Blues’ Sea Salt Cleanser. It is a natural, clarifying, and rejuvenating cleanser that is formulated using lemon extract peel and grapefruit that excels in deeply clarifying the skin and removing toxins, and gently exfoliating to remove dead skin cells. 



All our beauties from the oily skin fam, you should be getting your hands on the toner that tightens the pores and controls excess sebum and effectively unclogs your pores. Most importantly, ensure to switch to an alcohol-free toner because alcohol tends to make the skin greasier. Our Bubblefarm Rosemary Hydrosol is just playing an excellent role in brightening and clarifying oily skin while calming skin irritations, blemishes, and bumps.



We debunk the myth that oily skin doesn’t need a serum. Serums are a great way to balance the regulations of natural oil production and fading the blemishes. Our Dr. Sheth's Neem & BHA, Spot Clarifying Serum is formulated with 2% Salicylic acid and anti-bacterial Neem oil, which makes this serum holy grail for the oily skin type.



Just because you feel oil on your skin, doesn’t mean you can ditch the moisturizer. Instead, ensure to opt for an oil-free moisturizer with a non-greasy base that exclusively balances the pH level of the skin that helps in restricting the skin from breaking out, and maintain the natural moisture of the skin. Our Naturalable Aloe Vera Cream is handcrafted with rich ingredients like organic aloe vera, vitamin C, and various oil blends to fight free-radicals and maintain a healthy moisture level.



Sunscreen is a dependable savior that one must add to their winter skincare. Mamaearth’s Ultra- Light Indian Sunscreen with Carrot Seed and Turmeric & SPF 50 is specially curated for oily skin type to offer 6 hours of protection against the harmful UVA and UVB rays and keep the skin moisturized and non-greasy for hours.

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