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5 Things Your Skin Needs Right Now!

Are your cabinets crammed with overflowing skincare products but you still are finding your way to younger-looking skin?

Why is life so difficult when it comes to bagging that glowing skin? While there might be many solutions to that, we have another question to follow it up with.

“What is it that your skin wants?’ Have you ever asked yourself this? Most people forget to dwell on the needs and demands of their body and their skin.

Our skin is the biggest organ of our body and yet we tend to lose out on taking care of it. That’s unfair right? The only body part that represents the best and worst of us always gets overlooked by us.

To get a clear and glowing skin, you will need to detox your body from time to time from everything that harms it and also fuel it up with the ingredients that not only enhance your skin but keep it healthy too!


Here are five things that our skin needs to keep it looking radiant, flawless and young:

1. Sip! Sip! Sip!

Vanity Wagon I Sip! Sip! Sip!

Our body needs water daily and that is no new fact to us. Drinking an adequate amount of water not only flushes out all the toxins out of your body but also helps in keeping our digestive system active which in return makes your skin look healthy at all times.


2. Detox!

Vanity Wagon I Detox!

Do you go on a body detox from time to time? If not, you must start now. There are endless benefits of a body cleanse to your health. All the unwanted radicals and impurities living in your body are removed and it promotes a natural glow on the face.

Meanwhile switch to a better kind of diet as well as skin care products that aid in enhancing your skin.


3. Block your skin!

Vanity Wagon I Block your skin!

Your skin is exposed to numerous harmful things in a day such as pollution, sun rays, and toxins. Why not protect your skin beforehand by applying a layer of sun protection. As we all say, prevention is better than cure.

Keep your skin as protected as you can because sun-damaged skin takes a long time to recover.


4. Eat your vitamins!

Vanity Wagon I Eat your vitamins!

If your daily diet does not include healthy nutrients and minerals, are you even eating right? All your meals should in some way or the other include the best of natural ingredients and vitamins that not only fight the bacteria but also make your skin combat the signs of early aging leaving it with a rich glow.


5. Antioxidants

Vanity Wagon I Antioxidants

If your skin looks dull and pale, the reason might be over-exertion and the skin being harmed by chemicals or the sun. Feeding your skin with antioxidants promotes dead skin cell turnover and stimulates the rapid growth of new skin cells which delivers a bright complexion and ever-lasting radiant skin.


While we are at this, we must tell you to follow your CTM routine religiously.

Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing are the god-send techniques to flawless skin. Cleanse your skin with nature-based cleansers that help push out all the toxins out of the skin. Toning helps to even the skin texture and tone up the level of your skin. Moisturizing keeps your skin hydrated and nourished from AM to PM hours.


Please note: Exfoliating is an important key to smooth and clear skin! Exfoliate with natural ingredients and look out for a fresh and younger-looking skin.


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