Great skin in 1K? Yes, you read it right.

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Who said great skin is unaffordable? We agree there are chemically-laden formulas that sell at dirt-cheap prices (that deliver short-lived results and mostly, harsh reactions) but here we are talking about formulations that are organic, result-driven, safe and effective. Can’t wrap your heads around the surprising fact, right? We bring you a list of products […]

How to shift from winter to summer skin care without any skin concerns

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The short-lived spring in India may confuse you and your dedicatedly achieved glow and to make sure you carry it on forever now, it becomes extremely important to comprehend when and how to switch from winter to a summer skincare regime. We know that change isn’t easy ever but to make it effortless for you, […]

This Women’s Day: Rejuvenate, Relax and Re-energize yourself!

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Being a woman is not just another job but one that not every being can comprehend. From rising to our rights, fight for it and bringing changes that were unimaginable, women have surpassed expectations and set milestones that are worth every applaud. Women come in many forms, some beautify homes, some strengthen the economy, some […]

Myths and Truths about Moisturiser resizeimage

Every woman invests in a bottle or tube of moisturiser but we often rub off the importance of picking one consciously because ‘All moisturisers are the same’. Wrong!  Just like any other skin care or beauty products we use, for example, face cleanser, serum, foundation, et cetera, moisturisers come in different types. The array of […]

How Pollution affects your Skin?

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Unlike greener ancestral times, pollution is just another word rather than a far-sighted environmental situation. All of us are very well versed with the exceptionally low air quality of our cities and its ever-growing ill effects on us.  With the fast-paced lifestyle, we often ignore taking necessary precautions and thus, our skin undergoes adverse effects. […]

Tips for Naturally good looking Hair

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Healthy, thick and beautiful tresses are a dream of every woman but living sans the city pollution and deteriorating quality of lifestyle, it is difficult to achieve it. Our hair goes through levels of tormenting that includes exposure to pollution, dirt, harsh chemicals in the hair products, heat damage from the styling tools et cetera.  […]