Best Face Washes for Dark spots

Vanity Dark Spots

Dark spots can bother everyone to an extent of sadness. No one wants marks, spots and dark patches on their skin, irrespective of the area, especially on the face. With regular exposure to the sun, pollution, free harmful radicals, city dirt and more, one often finds it difficult to steer clear from the dark spots and skin damage. 

Though these stubborn skin conditions may be pulling down your confidence, we know how to save you from the trap. Here are the top 4 face washes that will lighten the dark spots quicker than your expectations. 


1. Mama earth Ubtan Face wash

Packed with lightening and brightening properties of saffron and turmeric, this formula is a classic recreation of the age-old beautifying recipe. Use this mild, gentle and absolutely chemical-free face wash twice a day and experience even and brighter skin tone in just no time. 


2. Greenberry Organics Green clay mud face wash  

This amazing skin clarifying and invigorating face wash is made with green mud clay from the muddy clay pits of Brazil that lends it high levels of natural minerals and a unique hue. This face wash purifies the pores and cleanses the skin gently while improving the skin tone by lightening the dark spots and patches. Infused with mint extracts, organic aloe vera, and vitamin C, this is also very soothing and hydrating. 


3. Raw Nature face wash volcanic green clay

Another powerful concoction with green clay from Brazil is this brilliant face wash by Raw Nature. Along with the unique detoxifying properties, this face cleanser also tones, brightens and tightens the skin. This product penetrates the pores to eliminate the toxins and also lets the facial skin heal while preventing the formation of blackheads, whiteheads and acne scars. 


4. Organic Harvest Skin lightening face wash   

Lighten the dark spots in just a few days with this skin lightening face wash by Organic Harvest. Enriched with a naturally driven surfactant, this product cleanses, whitens, brightens and softens the skin. The natural plant-derived ingredients in the face wash also give it great moisturising abilities. 


Get your hands on these amazing face washes and see your skin transition in just no time! Visit vanity wagon online beauty products store now to shop them all at best prices. 

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