5 Natural & Organic Skincare Brands Worth the Splurge

Best 5 Natural and Organic Skincare Brands

It’s not splurging, when it’s skincare. Everyone must be conscious of the products that they are using. It is vital to be mindful of the quality of the products you choose as your skin and hair are worth all the care. Do you love experimenting with new brands but are sceptic to splurge on seemingly good and innovative formulas? Fret not, we have 5 brands that will not disappoint you at all.

  1. Conscious chemist:

Conscious chemist as the name suggests is a brand for the wise. With limited but exceptionally amazing formulas, the brand is clouding the industry with and for good. They believe in bringing the best of both worlds together; nature and science. The products offered by the brand are intelligently crafted and are very biocompatible as well. They offer a sustainable botanical skincare regime that is fundamentally suitable for everyone.

  1. Ruby’s Organics

Started with a hope to add the hues of safety and nature into each woman’s vanity, Ruby’s Organics has changed the game altogether. The brand offers some of the most pigmented and comfortable lipsticks, crème blushes, and highlighters. Their latest innovation is the skin tint. Made with bioactive ingredients, the products are safe, performance-driven and deliver skincare benefits too.

  1. Votre

Votre is a cruelty-free, luxe brand that offers 100% vegan skincare products that aim to revive the skin like magic. Their exclusive formulas are made with exotic and bio-active ingredients sourced mindfully from the bounty of nature. All Votre products are infused with the latest innovative molecules which are highly-effective and botanical. From face mask, toners to face cleanser and serums, everything they offer is worth every penny.

  1. SoulTree

SoulTree is an affordable and amazing filler of Vanity. It offers Ayurvedic formulas for skin, hair, and body that are efficacious and certified. In the world of chemically loaded formulas, it provides nurturing, gentle and effective products. The brand focuses on repairing the skin and hair from within. The ingredients used are organically farmed and ethically sourced. Make sure you try their fresh batch of products to tread on the path of healthy beauty.

  1. Juicy Chemistry:

Making personal care products holistic and delightful to buy, Juicy Chemistry aims to maintain harmony between the body, mind, and spirit. They craft products with the finest ingredients, in small batches to ensure maximum results and longer shelf-life. Apart from this, Juicy Chemistry maintains a high level of brand transparency with its customers which makes it a reliable and trusted brand. Each product offered by the brand is worth splurging each time.

Shop all their products on www.vanitywagon.in today and make sure each penny you spend leaves a noticeable difference.


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