Beat the heat & prevent the tan!

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Summers have arrived and we are sure you just can’t stop yourself from switching your skincare’s purpose from care to caution. The scorching heat brings with it the harmful radiations that warm up our skin tone and tans us for no good in the world.

Want to step out and enjoy the daylight but wish to defy the heat and harm just as much as us? Well, here are some hacks you can include in your life to fight the tan like a ninja.


1. Slather the SPF (Save, Protect and Fight)

Known more than ever, SPF is what you need 365 days of the year and more of it in the summers with the bright sun shining out. Make sure you use a sunblock with a higher SPF and UVA protection as well. This can help you block out 98% harm from the radiations out there.


2. Film your lips

It’s not just your skin that needs protection from UV rays but also your lips. Lips are sensitive and prone to tanning as well. Use a lip balm or lipstick with added SPF benefit. You should also use a lip scrub every third day to buff off the dull and dead skin on the lips and lighten any pigmented or darkened areas.


3.Cover up as much as you can

Wearing clothing that does not expose much of your skin under the direct sun is one of the safest ways to maximize the chances of being safe from tan. Try wearing dark coloured, full sleeve clothes, pants, hats, sunglasses and more to ditch direct sunlight.


4.Avoid stepping out during peak hours

Though nothing can bar one when duty calls, but try and avoid stepping outdoors while the UVA and UVB radiations are flooring the planet maximum. Stay indoors as much as you can between 10 am and 4 pm to be safe and prevent any tan.


5.Reapply the SPF

You must apply sun protection at least 30 minutes before heading out, cloudy or sunny. And reapply the protection every 2 hours and earlier if you are sweaty or in water.


6.Use products with ingredients that help

Ingredients like cucumber, rose water, lemon, aloe vera, orange, coconut oil and more in your skincare and bathing products can help you reverse any sun damage and soothe your skin in multiple ways. Pick and choose to use products with benefits that these ingredients serve.


This summer season, make sure your skin shines with the sun!

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