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Say Goodbye to dry skin & let these Biotique products rescue you

Dry Skin

Dry skin is one of the most common skin types and a difficult concern to take care of. There are different intensities of dryness people may face and the worst of all is the extremity even during summer season. There are ample of brands and products screaming and claiming to work like magic but sooner […]

DIY Hair Mask: Here’s our homemade secret to fabulous hair

Hair Mask

Hair makes all the difference and we can’t agree more. Bad hair days are a curse and no one knows it better than women who have had them on a special or important event. Change in seasons may bring conflict between your efforts and hair results but with some secret DIY hair pack recipes, we […]

Top 5 Cruelty-free beauty brands in India

beauty brand

The world is becoming wiser and better with brilliant options and great selection, and beauty is a part of it too. A great shift from blindly choosing the beauty products, consumers are hooting for petting, not testing. As per the demand of the consumers and awakened and passionate crafters, cruelty-free beauty has taken a fair […]

Natural Bathing Bars > Commercial Soaps, why?

soap 2726387 1280

With all things fancy and cutesy around, we could not contain but also bring into the market the handmade, natural bathing bars. Natural soaps is a concept that is age-old with all the medieval commercialisation, the personal care market had formulations that were super-affordable, pleasant in smell and instantly effective, though harmful in the long […]