All About Vitamin E: What, Why & How!

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Vitamin E is knowingly one of the best skin-friendly ingredients that definitely ups the beneficial properties if found in the products. While we continue to enjoy the benefits of it, are we aware of what exactly it does to us?

Vitamin E is a group of soluble vitamins with antioxidant benefits. This sole ingredient equals to the power of many together. This nutrient/antioxidant is capable of rejuvenating the skin and restoring the health of the hair better than any other ingredient. 

How does Vitamin E help the skin and hair? 

Vitamin E for skin

As a nutrient as well as an antioxidant, Vitamin E acts a potent protector, nourisher and healer of the skin. 

  1. Vitamin E nourishes the skin. It penetrates deep within the surface and hydrates the skin on a cellular level. Vitamin E lends radiance and vitality to the skin and also heals the damaged tissue by replenishing the moisture and loss of nutrients. It is a great ingredient to treat dry and flaky skin as well. 
  2. Vitamin E is very effective in preventing scarring and minimising the appearance of the already existing spots/scars. Taken orally as suggested or applying Vitamin E oil topically, both have been linked with prevention of marks or scars and lightening of the same. 
  3. It helps with ceasing the signs of early ageing in people. People often experience early onset of wrinkles and fine lines due to the fast-paced lifestyle and adverse environmental conditions. Vitamin E comes out as a great ingredient to treat and prevent the same as well moisturised and protected skin is unlikely to experience such conditions. It is enriched in antioxidants that delays the onset of the signs of ageing, helping the skin with advance photoageing. 


  1. Vitamin E is also an effective complementing fighter ingredient that shields the skin against the harmful UV rays when combined with the right ingredients. Paired with Vitamin C and zinc oxide, it doubles the protection power and does not let the skin get damaged or affected.


  1. You can also rely on Vitamin E to heal and lighten the stubborn stretch marks. Vitamin E is a key ingredient in a lot of stretch mark creams and oils. Owing to Vitamin E’s elasticity restoring properties, it is considered to work well for stretch marks in very little time.


Vitamin E for hair

Not just the skin, Vitamin E is also great when it comes to restoring the health of the hair. Packed with antioxidants and strengthening properties, Vitamin E works very well for all hair types and problems.

  1. It stimulates hair growth. The antioxidants in Vitamin E potion circulate the blood flow to all parts of the body. It nourishes the scalp and moisturises it from within assuring the growth of healthy and strong hair. 


  1. Vitamin E curbs hair loss and strengthens the hair shaft and roots. Vitamin E restores the pH balance, oil production level, follicle health and improves blood circulation around the scalp. The antioxidants in Vitamin E neutralise the damage caused by free radicals, leaving the hair to be a better recipient of the nutrients.


  1. Vitamin E also adds sheen and lustre to the hair. It is loaded with emollient properties, which helps in the retainment and sealing-in of the moisture. 


  1. Vitamin E prevents split ends and hair breakage. Cleansing and styling the hair with chemical-laden products cause hair damage and also rip off its health. Regular application of Vitamin E strengthens and smoothens the hair shaft and cuticles zeroing in the chances of split ends and hair breakage. 


How to add Vitamin E to your skin, hair and health care regimen?

  1. The best way to improve your skin with Vitamin E is by investing in products enriched with Vitamin E properties. You can also pop open a Vitamin E capsule and apply the oil on your skin once every fortnight for instant radiance. 
  2. For hair, use Vitamin E oil mixed in a lighter carrier oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil once or twice a week until the desired results are achieved.
  3. It is also recommended to add foods such as sunflower seeds, avocado, pine nuts, spinach, kale, swiss chard, almonds et cetera as Vitamin E supplement to your diet. 

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