All about lipsticks: Which one & how?

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Lipstick is an inevitable part of a woman’s life & we all know how well it enhances the entire look. It is a game-changer for everyone and once you find the right shade, stay hooked to it. 

Lipsticks are small twisters of colours that can fix almost every situation. There is a shade and finish for every occasion, be it a work meeting, a lunch scene or a date night. But most of us are only aware of it on the surface. Do we know what goes in the making of these lipsticks, the factors we should consider before picking one, and which one to choose for our skin tone? 

Well, if you aren’t aware of the know-how and the why’s, here we are to help you out!

Lipsticks were traditionally made to accentuate the lips and add life to the face with some colour. With the advancement of time and transition in product formulations, we now can buy different kinds of lipsticks such as: 

–    Lip Creams

–    Lip Sticks

–    Lip Crayons

–    Lip Gloss

–    Lip Stains, and more. 


The traditional formulas were made with wax, oils, and pigments while the formula made these days have a dozen ingredients that differentiate the finish. One can now pick and choose from the various options such as high gloss, sheer, creamy matte or semi-matte, matte, et cetera. Different and better formulas that are available nowadays are amazing, non-transferrable, long-lasting, nourishing, and super pigmented. 


Factors to consider before buying a perfect lipstick shade for yourself: 

Though it may seem like an easy job, picking the right shade of lipstick for yourself isn’t a task of the novice. You may have swatched a hell lot of lipstick shades on the back of your hand at the makeup aisles but they don’t provide the same look when you finally apply them on your lips. Here are a few questions you must ask yourself to pick the right lipstick for yourself:


1. Does the preferred lipstick shade compliment my skin’s undertone?

Cheatsheet for picking a colour: 

Fair complexion: Nude, Peach, Pale Pink

Medium/Dusky Complexion: Fuchsia, Red, Brown

Dark Complexion: Dark Red, Wine, Dark Brown


2. Do the shade and finish provide the look I am looking for?

Bright and light shades give a fuller look to the lips while dark shades make them look smaller. Also, test the lipstick for the finish to select the one you like. Glossier finish suits people with thin to medium lips while people with plump and fuller lips should pick semi-matte/matte finishes unless wanted otherwise. 


3. What is the lipstick made of?

Always check the ingredients of the lipsticks as the non-transferable and matter formulas generally consist of harsh chemicals that may dry out your lips. Do not buy a lipstick that contains Lead, Parabens, Retinyl Palmitate, and Tocopheryl Acetate. 


4. What is the shelf-life of the product?

Lipsticks generally have a shelf-life as long as 3 years or so but always check the expiration date to be rest assured that you can use them for as long as possible. 


How to apply lipstick with perfection?

Apart from acing the job of choosing the right product, a lot of us fail at perfectly applying the lipstick and so, it becomes very important to learn how to apply the shade perfectly.

Smooth lips are a must for the perfect application of the lip colour and so, we recommend you follow the following steps:

–    Scrub your lips gently for about 20 seconds in circular motion to buff away the dead skin cells.

–    Rinse off the scrub and apply a hydrating lip balm.

–    Wait for 15 minutes and then start applying your lipstick following the natural shape of your lips and fill them in. 


Applying lipstick over smooth and nourished lips is the key to attaining perfectly shaped and hued lips. 


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