7 Tips to soothe Dry and Itchy skin

dry itchy skin

Are you one of those whose skin is insatiable, no matter the amount of hydration you provide it? We know how hard it is for you to have healthy and nourished skin (even for once). But you do not have to fret anymore, as we are here with SEVEN amazing and effective tips that will leave your skin advertisement-ready!

Can’t believe it? Try it for yourself.

Tip #1: Say NO to long, hot showers

Hot water is an enemy for your skin. Taking long and hot showers can open pores on the body and expose it to the free radicals and pollutants in the air. Use lukewarm instead of hot water and limit your shower time to a maximum of 10 minutes. This will help your skin lower down on temperature and maintain its moisture.

Tip #2: Use a gentle cleanser

The active strength of the cleanser plays an important role in delivering fresh skin but it is often the very reason for dry skin. Make sure you do not over-cleanse your body as it rips off the natural oils needed to keep the skin moisturized, protected and hydrated.

Tip #3: Pat dry and moisturize immediately

The best time to lather on a moisturizer is just after you pat dry your skin as the pores are yet to close completely and the quicker you apply the moisturizer, the deeper and sooner it will penetrate into your skin. This process also helps in trapping the existing moisturizer keeping the skin nourished and hydrated for longer than usual.

Tip #4: Invest in a humidifier

The polluted air, indoors and outdoors, affects the skin badly. If you have extremely dry skin, you should try investing in a humidifier as it adds moisture in the air and prevents your body from getting dry easily. There are many more benefits of a humidifier but it is advised to use it in moderation.

Tip #5: Add anti-oxidants in your diet

Dry skin may also be a result of exposure to the cell-damaging environment. Strengthening your body internally may also help in preventing dryness. Try adding fruits and vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, fish, lentils, beans, avocados and bell peppers in your daily routine. These will provide a boost of Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and other nutrients that are helpful in keeping dryness at bay.

Tip #6: Exfoliate twice a week

People with dry skin often face a dull and dehydrated skin surface and scrubbing may help in getting rid of it. Buff your skin twice a week with a gentle and nourishing scrub with preferable ingredients such as coffee, oatmeal, aloe vera et cetera for added nourishment and moisturized skin.

Tip #7: Coconut oil to the rescue

Coconut oil is literally a superficial mother to all our skin problems. It curbs dry skin like magic and makes skin smooth, nourished and well moisturized. Massage a good amount of coconut oil on your body for supple and normal skin. You can also make a coconut milk toner for your face to prevent dryness.


We bet some of these hacks will help you get rid of the rough and itchy skin. Get nourishing now!


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