5 reasons why you must start using Facial oils RIGHT NOW!

facial oils

Facial oil has been a part of skincare from ages but only recently has it been positioned with right significance in the market and our regimes. Despite the hype and talk, many of us still don’t know about the benefits of using facial oils. 

Facial oils are concentrated and nutrient-rich formulas that are curated to replenish the loss of moisture, luminosity, and elasticity. These oils penetrate deep down the skin, add moisture, repair the damage, protect the skin, deliver nutrients and add sheen to the face. There are many different kinds of facial oils crafted to cater to varied skin problems and issues. Ranging from antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, to anti-ageing and revival, some options will baffle you but let us first learn 5 reasons why you must start using a facial oil starting today itself. 

1. Facial oil nourishes the skin.

These potent oils are crafted to deliver unattainable topical nutrition. Facial oils are better moisturizing formulas than creams. Made with rich botanicals, they make sure every drop is filled with what the skin requires. Facial oils often come packed with omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and more. They act as a great emollient, leaving the skin hydrated, moisturized and radiant. 

2. They fight early signs of ageing.

Dry skin or lack of moisture is one of the main causes of wrinkles and fine lines. Facial oils replenish the moisture, add elasticity and fight the early signs of ageing. They also prevent damage, protect the skin and firms it for a better, more youthful appearance. 

3. Facial oils shield the skin with a protective film. 

 Facial oils mostly are crafted using plant extracts that are rich in lipophilic. Lipophilic is great at retaining moisture and keeping pollutants and toxins at bay. Well-moisturized and nourished skin is also less likely to suffer from sun damage. 

4. Facial oils make great primers.

Moisturizing the skin with facial oil is a great idea but guess what? It also acts as a primer by instantly plumping the face and clearing the canvas for makeup. It hydrates the skin, secures the pores and preps it for makeup. Applying facial oil before makeup is a great hack to make the blending of base easy and flawless. 

5. Facial oils balance the pH level of the skin.

No matter your skin is oily or dry, facial oils find your skin’s perfect equilibrium and work its way to reset it to the best. They balance the oil and sebum production, moisturize the deeper layers of the skin, giving it a perfect radiance and glow. 

Enticed by the benefits and wish to start using a facial oil that’ll help you? We suggest you try the following for:

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