5 Organic brands you need to know about


Organic is the new lifestyle mantra everyone wants to adapt to for a better and healthier future and why not? It is always better to choose products that are sustainably sourced, made without any harm to the ecosystem or the environment and are absolutely natural.

There are a number of brands that are emerging in the industry offering organic food, beauty products, and other supplies but it is hard to tell whether or not they are worth. So, we would like to introduce you to 5 amazing brands that are organic and absolutely amazing. Read on!


1. AULI Lifestyle:

Based out of Kolkata, Auli Lifestyle offers a wide range of skin and hair care products that are lush and absolutely worthwhile. The products are handcrafted and tested thoroughly for safety and efficacy. The only kind of ingredients that go in the making of their amazing products are nature-derived, cruelty-free and gentle. Auli stands for Affordable, Unique, Lush & Indian. To support their vision and mission to provide a safe bath and body experience, they rely on the bounty of nature and Ayurvedic sciences to formulate outcome-driven and experience enhancing products. Some of their best sellers include Magic Potion, The power of ‘C’ serum, Shine in the Sun and ‘Dew’ face mist.

2. Carmesi:

Carmesi is a new bug in the industry that has taken the market by storm for all the right reasons. It was conceived with a mission to make available comfortable and superiorly safe period wear for every woman. Carmesi offers a range of organic sanitary napkins and panty liners that are made with 100% safe and natural ingredients sans any synthetics or chemicals. What differentiates and makes Carmesi better than the conventional period essential brands available in the market is the absence of synthetics and chemicals that lead to rashes, allergies, infections, and itchy-situations. Not only are the products offered by Carmesi skin-friendly but also biodegradable and eco-friendly.

3. Omorfee:

Omorfee is one of the best organic brands that is certified by USDA, ECOCERT, and BDIH. It offers the finest quality personal care products with all-natural ingredients that have healing, restoring and rejuvenating properties. Omorfee’s products are absolutely safe to be used by anyone. Not only are the products made without a pinch of parabens, paraffin, PEG, silicon, alcohol, synthetic colours, fragrances or any other chemical preservatives, but are better and more effective than the chemical counterparts. Omorfee’s products are curated to resolve skin concerns that all skin types face due to the environmental changes and lifestyle. Some of their top-trending products are SunShun, Lip Salve, Green apple face wash, tea tree cleansing milk, regenerative eye crème and revivify anti-ageing serum.


4. Arata Zero Chemicals

Arata means fresh or new and that’s exactly what the brand endorses with its products. The ultimate mission of the brand is to replace the common chemical-loaded personal care routine with a gentle one. They cover everyday essentials such as face wash, shower gels, hair cleanser as well as hair styling products. Their vegan and all-natural products are not just safe but also smell amazing enhancing the everyday experience for the users. The brand ensures high efficacy of their products considering the high-quality ingredients and constructive formulas. Some of the best-selling products that are also available on Vanity Wagon are Arata Hair styling gel and cream, Maple Lemon & Blueberry shampoo, Green apple raspberry and maple hair conditioner, Flax seeds and lemon oil face wash, and Tea tree oil mint body lotion.


5. Greenberry Organics:

This organic brand aims to re-root the significance of 5000-yr old Indian life science and the principles of Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Yoga and more through their safe and natural products. The brand is loved by a large chunk of the market owing to their vision and effective execution of packaging nature’s curative properties in their products. It brings a gamut of natural skincare solutions through its amazing products including Bio Active Under eye gel, anti-acne foaming face wash, skin lightening face gel, SPF 40 sunscreen spray lotion, fresh cucumber mint toner, aloe vera hydro 3 in 1 gel and more. The certification from USDA and ECOCERT makes Greenberry Organics even more reliable and loved.

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