3 vitamins your skin needs right now!

Our vitamin scale internally is definitely a hard thing to upkeep all the time. With advanced and fast lifestyle, we often miss out on consuming the right and balanced meal that messes up with our health later on. We also forget that what we eat affects our skin and hair and so the deficiencies of these vital vitamins show up sooner or later in the form of wrinkles, sagginess, marks, pigmentation, dryness and more.

Are you too suffering and facing these skin concerns out of the blue? We suggest you check your vital levels, apart from starting to treat your skin topically with the following vitamins. What you might need?


Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is considered to be a multi-tasking essential. It increases the radiance and luminosity in the skin by inhibiting the production of the enzyme that breaks down the collagen. Appropriate collagen synthesis is a must to maintain a healthy glow and elastic skin. It is also known to soften the harsh age lines and wrinkles over time, reduce the appearance of marks and help with pigmentation. Vitamin A is required by each skin type. It also refines the pores and dissolves the surface oil to prevent acne.


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Vitamin B:

Vitamin B is another skin enhancer. Our skin needs this elixir to restore the moisture balance and aid hydration. Vitamin B is a versatile ingredient that helps the skin to perform the cellular functions well. It creates a barrier on the skin to protect it from the adverse effects caused due to exposure to external environmental conditions such as pollution, UV radiations et cetera. It also helps prevent and cure pigmentation by reducing the melanocyte in affected areas. Vitamin B is a good ingredient to treat acne and rosacea as well.


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Vitamin C:

We all have heard the praises of this potent vitamin more than anything else. Vitamin C is a holy grail amongst the ingredients for brightening and toning the skin. This vitamin is capable of smoothening out the signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and more. It also firms up the skin and prevents it from photo-aging, free radicals, environmental pollution and more.

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