11 luxe products you must-buy! 

We all are excited to make the expensive and luxe personal care and beauty purchases but you sure don’t want to lose the hard-earned moolah on something expensive but worthless. Right? Fret not! Here are 11 luxe products that are worth every penny!


1. Indulgeo essentials Rose Gold Oil


Facials oils have made their way back to the industry and for good. This Indulgeo essentials’ rose gold oil has great moisturizing properties to replenish the loss of moisture which combats dullness and saggy skin. It not only deeply conditions and moisturizes the skin at a deeper level but the gold flakes in the product also improve the blood circulation and collagen synthesis to give you younger-looking skin. 


2. Indulgeo Essentials Pout It


Lip oils have been the trending beauty product of the year. Pout It by Indulgeo essentials’ intensely hydrates and nourishes the lips. It also stimulates collagen production and blood circulation to give the lips plumper and smoother appearance. The organic moisture-rich lip balm is infused with real cinnamon oil and gold flakes. The lip oil prevents discoloration of the lips and also gives the lips a naturally flushed look.


3. Neemli Naturals Turmeric root and olive squalene Elixir


A night treatment age-defying facial oil that hydrates long term, reverses signs of early aging, reduces wrinkles and dark spots, brightens and evens skin tone while keeping the skin clear from acne and excess oil and is all that anyone over the age of 20 needs. This unique blend focuses on restoring the skin’s health with its multiple healing and rejuvenating properties. It is one of the must-have skin care products one must invest in. 


4. Neemli Naturals Body Butter


Dryness is a tough skin woe to prevent but this vitamin-rich body butter is highly moisturizing and intensely nourishing as well. Its active herbal ingredients are super-effective and high in antioxidants. The body butter is formulated with kokum butter, tamarind and licorice root that improves the skin’s elasticity and gently prevents the skin from UV radiations and retains skin’s moisture. Made without any chemicals, this body butter is perfect for all skin types as it is light-weight, non-greasy and quick-absorbent.  


5. Just Herbs Kimsukadi tail


This facial oil is a blend of precious and potent herbs that include sandalwood, vetiver, and nagkesar, which are trusted to brighten and clear the skin. These glow-boosting herbs are learned to treat pigmentation, dark spots, acne scars, dull and aging skin. Its Ayurvedic formulation is traditional yet unique. Add this facial oil into your regimen and glow is all you will know. A little on the higher end of the price scale, the product is worth every penny.  


6. RAS luxury oils Himalayan salt polish


Bath salts are a great invigorating and rejuvenating pick to de-stress the body, relax sore muscles and replenish dry skin. This bath salt/body polish by RAS luxury oils leaves the skin smooth, soft and plump. It sloughs off the dry and dead surface while stimulating the senses with enlivening aroma. Also, though the product falls in the luxe category, a little goes a long way and anyway, who doesn’t love a pamper sesh. 


7. Neemli Naturals Coconut matcha face scrub


This coconut & Matcha face scrub is one of the top must-buys everyone must invest in. Exfoliating the skin is extremely important especially when the formula offers other benefits as well. This coconut and matcha face scrub gently exfoliates the skin, buffs the dead skin away and smoothens out the surface. The scrub is enriched with high anti-microbial properties that help fight against free radicals, acne-causing bacteria, and other pH-disturbing pollutants. Invest in this scrub to polish, tighten and restore the natural glow of your skin. 


8. Just Herbs Saptajal Ayurvedic Micellar water 


Made with a nutritive blend of nurturing vegetable oils and several plant waters, this Ayurvedic micellar water by Just Herbs is the best skin toner and makeup remover one can use. This product is formulated without a drop of drying-alcohol unlike other toners and makeup removers. It is enriched with the power of plant waters that nourishes, hydrates, tones and calms the skin while leaving it clean and moisturized. Say goodbye to the regular and drying makeup removers and switch to this multi-purposer toner, remover, and skin hydrator. 


9. Just Herbs Javakusum hair oil


Keeping the hair healthy requires consistency and great-quality product and this is what you need. Javakusum Hair oil by Just Herbs is a potent hair oil that prevents dandruff, and arrests hair fall. This oil is made with hibiscus, Amla, and indigo that naturally darkens the hair, and also works as a conditioner. The blend of these oils will provide wholesome nourishment to the hair and keep them healthy, shiny and smooth.  


10. Ruby’s Organics Illuminate highlighter


Highlighters are the best and one of the most-loved beauty products of 2019, and they are definitely not going anywhere. This balm-like weightless texture highlighter by Ruby’s Organics is meticulously created using oils and clays with healing properties, mixed with mineral color giving the skin an out-of-the-ordinary glow. This is highly pigmented, long-lasting and wearable even daily. 


11. Just Herbs Skin Tint


Everyone needs something to blur the slight imperfections, uneven skin tone, and marks here or there. This formula by Just Herbs is perfect for all skin types and is safe to be worn every single day. It covers fine lines, blemishes, and pores while protecting the skin from damaging UV radiations. It blends and sinks in the skin easily to give a light and flawless appearance. 


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